15 thoughts on “And her name is..”

  1. Oh I love it! Sounds great with Brianna!

    Congratulations hun!

    So…uh…um…you gonna call me when lil’ miss Amber makes her debut??????


  2. I would love it if you came up!!! I will call you before! I’m going to have the baby at Riverside Methodist Hospital.. It’s off 315.. Do you know where that is?


  3. Nope not a clue where that’s at, but by golly I’ll find it! Call me with plenty of time – remember it’ll take at least 2 hours for us to get there!

    I was born at University on campus 😉


  4. Veronica!!
    I didn’t realize you had a live journal!

    Congrats on another baby girl!! WOOHOOO!!!! Beautiful name!
    Oh, I bet the girls will be the best of friends.
    I’ll definately be keeping up with your journal! It’s nice to “run into” and old friend. 😉

    *belly rubs*


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