Knocked Up

Ultrasound is Thursday!!!

My appointment is at 4pm.. We are picking Brianna up at 3:30 and then heading over toe Dr. Ruedrich’s office. My Mom might be coming. I forgot to ask how many people could come. The room is kind of small so not many will fit. I’ll call tomorrow and find out.

I had 2 ultrasounds with Brianna, one at 19 weeks, and my Dad was with me and one at 20 weeks and Brian was with me.

So what are your predictions???

Are we having a boy or a girl?

7 thoughts on “Ultrasound is Thursday!!!”

  1. to say it again, at first I thought girl, but I’m really really thinking BOY!!!!

    Hey, question! Can you call me from the room and give me play by play of whats going on????? 😉


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