The Kids

Brianna is too cute!

Last night we were all dancing to music and then we put some of her kid’s songs on and she was singing along. Then Brian gave her a bath and I did her hair and got her pjs on. She ran to give Brian a hug and he was online. So I asked Brianna if she wanted to show Daddy Olie. She did. So I get on Playhouse and we clicked on Rolie Polie Olie and she got so excited. Well we have dial-up and it was taking awhile to load. Brian says, what is taking so long.

Brianna turns and looks at him and says:

“It’s woading Daddy. Be Patient. Just Relax. It’s woading”

Then looked back at the screen. It was so freaking cute!!! I can’t believe the language she is using!! She is so smart and remembers things so well!

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