I am tired.. just had lunch and need a nap haha.

Last night I had the worst headache. When we got home Brianna wanted to cuddle on the couch with me and watch Jumanji. So I put it on and we cuddled. Brian was a great husband and started laundry and made tacos for us for dinner. We ate and then I laid back down and fell asleep around 7.. woke up at 9 and Brianna was in bed and Brian was upstairs. So I went in and cuddled with her and told her I loved her, sweet dreams and goodnight. Then I went to bed. My headache was gone though. Guess I just needed to sleep it off.

Also went to curves after work and all the ladies gave me a hard time for not being there all week. You can really tell I’m pregnant now and they can’t wait until this little one comes!

Still working on names. Have come up with nothing we both agree on.. I would love to have two picked out by the ultrasound so once we find out the sex we have the name ready!!!

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