Knocked Up

AFP test..

Came back normal 🙂

And I ended up receiving the bill for the blood work on the toxoplasmosis. In Jan. we got new health insurance from work and Brian forgot to give me the new cards. So when I went to the lab, they had to send the bill directly to me and then I would file it.

Well I was told that they weren’t going to bill me since it was the lab’s reagent that caused me to test false positive to begin with.

What’s in the mail yesterday but a bill for $421 for toxoplasmosis.

I tried to call customer service and was waiting for 20 min.. I just gave up. I’ll just have to keep trying…

What a pain. I would just send it on to my insurance but we shouldn’t even be getting billed!!!!

1 thought on “AFP test..”

  1. i am glad that the test came nack normal but that really sucks about the bill. stay on it or they’ll try to push the issue with creditors and the like. good luck


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