Knocked Up


I almost passed out at work yesterday. My boss had Brian drive me home, well to my Mom’s and I stayed on the couch pretty much the whole day. It was awful. I’m doing better today but still not feeling to well. It’s hard to get things done at work not feeling 100% I’m trying though. I hope that I’m not totally ill on Thanksgiving. I will be as far along with this baby as I was with Brianna on Christmas and I was so sick on christmas. All the cooking smells did me in. Knocking on wood that this pregnancy will be different.

2 thoughts on “Well..”

  1. Oh sweetie, I hear you!! BOY do I hear you! I threw up 10x Christmas morning when I was pregnant with Faith and I am just a month behind when I was pregnant then :X I am so nervous that getting sick this early means I may be in for it…positive thoughts though…positive thoughts! Hang in there sweetheart!!!!


  2. I feel for you. 😦 This will be the first thanksgiving I’m not dealing with morning sickness. Last thanksgiving, I was REALLY sick, and nothing tasted good. It sucked. Hopefully you’ll get a break, and be having a good day on thanksgiving!



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